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Porthcothan Beach School Launches New Workshops

For the past three years Porthcothan Beach School has developed and trialled resources for teachers and children to support the themes arising from The Wrecking Season, a filmabout everything that washes up on Cornish beaches, Cornwall’s place in the Atlantic community and issues of global pollution and conservation. 

In the summer of 2013 Porthcothan Beach School are offering beach resources to support coastline projects. These will include a DVD of the film The Wrecking Season, a loan box of strandline booty and a booklet of cross curricular resources linked to the film, including worksheets, investigations and creative ideas.

Also included in the resource will be the opportunity to visit Jane Darke’s house on Porthcothan beach to learn more about the extraordinary collection of artefacts gathered over twenty years of wrecking and to take part in a range of beach workshops run by the artist Andrew Tebbs.  

The learning resources have been designed by Jane Darke, an artist and filmmaker, and teacher Rachel Berrington, who is passionate about using the beach as an outside classroom.

For bookings and more information contact

To find out more about The Wrecking Season visit

This story is about what’s cast up on the shore, who picks it up, what they learn from it and the uses they put it to. It’s a story of extraordinary journeys which have their beginnings from the frozen North all the way down to the Eastern seaboard of the America’s to the deep jungle of the Amazon.’  
Nick Darke, The Wrecking Season

Nick Darke was a Cornish playwright and beachcomber who wrote extensively about Cornwall and environmental issues.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream the North coast of Cornwall is one of the best places in the world for receiving ocean flotsam. 

Posted on 4 September 2012 | 9:44 am

ShelterBox Illustration Competition

Did you see pictures of the Japanese tsunami in the newspapers? Did you watch it on television? Did your pupils?

Last year the tsunami in Japan had devastating effects. With help from generous communities, schools and individuals ShelterBox was able to provide the shelter and basic equipment that survivors needed. 

The tsunami touched the lives of people around the world and for many children the television footage will have made a significant impression. 

At ShelterBox we are keen to help children understand how disasters occur and explore their feelings about it. These may include sadness, concern for others, the impulse to help and fears for their own safety.

Can you help? Can your pupils draw a picture to tell a story?

We have written a story designed to encourage reflection and understanding, now all it needs is pictures.

We want children across the nation to have the opportunity to explore this global theme and through their pictures help others think about it too. Winning pictures will be selected by Michael Foreman and published in a book later in the year.

Winners will be invited to an exciting London book launch, where they will be awarded certificates and prizes, as well as take part in a workshop with Michael.

Disaster relief charity ShelterBox and acclaimed children’s author and illustrator Michael Foreman, are challenging UK primary school pupils once again, to bring a special disaster story to life with their pictures.

The Story

The Day The Sea Changed
One day the sea changed.
It slipped away from the rocks and crabs crawled for cover.
It crept away from the seashore and starfish struggled in the warm air.
It shrank away from the land and fish flapped on the dry seabed…

…to read the rest of the story and find out more about taking part, please visit or email for a competition pack.

This competition is brought to you in collaboration with The Reading Agency and Chatterbooks

Posted on 6 March 2012 | 3:46 pm

FarmSafe for Schools

Cornish Mutual have launched an online resource providing free farm and countryside safety teaching materials for Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers.

Visit the Teaching Resources page to browse and download exciting new lesson plans to help you deliver farm and countryside safety lessons to your pupils. You can find information on the following topics:

  • Farm Safety 1
  • Farm Safety 2
  • Hygiene
  • Road and rail safety
  • Safety Around Animals
  • Safety Around Electricity
  • The Countryside Code

Each lesson plan consists of detailed teacher notes, pupil worksheets and PowerPoint presentations to help your pupils understand some of the dangers they might encounter in the countryside and know how to deal with them safely.

Posted on 2 March 2012 | 5:31 pm

Looking for inspiration? Cornish teacher launches 'Dazzle Days' for Design and Technology

Primary school teacher Jon Davey has had a long-running love affair with Design and Technology. Now, as well as providing new 'hands on' workshops to support Sense of Place units of work, Jon is launching a brand new series of exciting and stimulating Design and Technology 'Dazzle Days' for primary schools.

I offer a numbers of workshop days which include compressed air rockets, weird and wonderful racing cars and artistic robots. I'm particularly looking forward to working with children on my Robo-Olympic theme in which they design and build a mechanical athlete to take part in a very modern pentathlon.

After spending many happy evenings and weekends testing his ideas and building specialist equipment for his lessons Jon admits his garden shed is beginning to resemble Wallace and Gromit's workshop! Jon provides all the necessary equipment and materials for the sessions and charges only supply teacher rates.

Having been a class teacher for the last 20 years I know how difficult some things are to resource and finance so I like to make things as easy for the host school as possible.”

Jon believes that Design and Technology is effective at captivating of pupils of all abilities. “The gifted and talented can really go to town and show off their talents and it gives those pupils who are of a more practical bent the chance to shine.”

The 'Dazzle Days' which Jon offers are:

Design and build your own dancing robot powered by an electric motor.

Wacky Racers
Use a variety of cams, wheels and sprockets to build a weird and wonderful racing car.

Investigate different sources of electricity and use your discoveries to build a working model lighthouse or lightship.

The Zip-line Challenge.
Invent a safe way to transport an egg along a zip line.

Jackson Artbot
Design and build a robot to draw abstract patterns.

Design and make a robot and watch it compete in the andriod olympiad.

Robotics 1
Introduction to robotic buggies and control technology.

Robotics 2
Building on robotics 1 to introduce computer control.

Enter the space race using compressed air technology.

Rocket Cars
Design, build, modify and race an air-powered car.

For further information concerning 'Dazzle Days' or support and training in Design and Technology please contact Jon Davey:
Tel: 01209 718988   Mobile: 07724054551   Email:

Posted on 23 January 2012 | 12:45 pm

Sense of Place Team Launch New ShelterBox Book

Sense of Place team members Heather White and Claire White headed to The Reading Agency in London this month for the launch of the new ShelterBox book 'The Day The Rain Came'.
Claire and Heather co-authored the second storybook in the ShelterBox series which is designed to help young children explore different disasters and the impact they have on communities around the world.

The cover illustration for 'The Day The Rain Came' was designed by renowned illustrator, Michael Foreman who challenged schoolchildren from around the UK to provide illustrations for the book. The winning entrants attended the launch to see their work in print and receive their prize; a special illustration workshop with Michael Foreman.

All proceeds from the ShelterBox book go towards sending essential survival equipment to people affected by disasters. To support this fine cause and order the book please visit:

Photograph by Phil Nichols

Posted on 5 January 2012 | 5:08 pm

Welcome to the new look Sense of Place web site. We'll be bringing you news of our new units as well as other events planned for 2012.

Posted on 24 December 2011 | 2:49 pm

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