• Sense of Place is dedicated to serving its school membership and currently benefits over 10,000 school children across Cornwall.


  • Teachers at our member schools access high-quality curriculum materials through the Sense of Place Online Library which is packed with resources designed to help pupils in Cornwall learn about and through their locality.


  • An affordable annual subscription of 2 per pupil (300 maximum per school) gives full access to the Sense of Place Library containing over 25 units of work. If you are keen to become a member sign up or renew your membership here.


  • All the units of work in the Sense of Place Online Library have been trialled by Sense of Place pilot schools. If you are keen to share your resources and ideas with other member schools please contact us.



Sense of Place is delivered by Azook CIC; a not for profit Community Interest Company, dedicated to strengthening cultural confidence and social cohesion across communities in Cornwall.