(photo by Paul Bradforth)

This presentation provides a snapshot of the cultural heritage of Cornwall’s Clay Country – the area in mid-Cornwall that has been dominated by china clay mining.

The Rescorla Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, has sought to explore the Clay Country’s cultural heritage through oral history interviews, research and a series of events. We've chosen a few of the film and audio clips, photographs and other findings gathered by the project. We hope these will provide a flavour of the Clay Country, exploring the history of the landscape, the industry and its impact, and life outside work.

We are indebted to all the people and organisations that have contributed to this presentation and we hope that you may be inspired to find out more.


We would like to thank the following for their valuable contributions:
Colin Hall, Sue Le Tissier, Jenny Moore, Adrian Rodda, Garry Tregidga, Tristan Berry, The Cornwall Centre, The China Clay History Society, Pyba.

Sources of reference:
Snail Creeps & Tea Treats by Merv & Alison Davey, 2008
China Clay Country Park website: